Consumer Options

You do have a choice when choosing a real estate agent - choose a real estate agent who represents buyers only - choose an exclusive buyer agent - Buyers Only Realty - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


  • Exclusive Buyer's Agent

This Agent works for a real estate company that never takes any listings, rather, chooses to represent BUYERS ONLY - 100% of the Time with never a risk of becoming a dual agent!  This is our preferred choice, as we offer you.

100% Representation - 100% of the Time.

  • Buyer's Agent (BA)

Everyone now wants to call themselves a "Buyer's Agent". Buyer's Agents that work in a regular real estate office which takes listings can indeed represent a buyer, but if that buyer wants to see a home listed by the same company, then the buyer's agent becomes a dual agent representing both the buyer and the seller. How can someone fully represent two opposing parties at the same time? THEY CAN'T!

These are the Ordinary Agents you call when you see a sign in a yard of a home for sale, or when you call about an ad you see in the newspaper, or when you walk into an open house on Sunday afternoon. These Agents are obligated to get the best price for the seller because they have a listing agreement with the seller that binds them to protect the seller's best interest at all times. These Agents become "Dual Agents" if they represent a buyer on the sale of one of their company's listings.


Ask yourself which you would prefer?

    • An Ordinary Agent who represents the Seller?
    • An Agent (Dual) representing both the Seller and the Buyer at the same time?
    • An Exclusive Buyer's Agent who only represents YOU, the homebuyer?

    To have us represent you as your exclusive buyer's agent, contact us now.