Dual Agents

Ask Yourself this simple question to help you determine if the agent you are considering could be a "Dual Agent":

Does the Agent (or the firm he/she works with) have any properties that are listed for sale?

If the answer to that question is "YES", Watch Out! Never use a dual agent! Dual Agency is a form of bait and switch. You hire a buyer's agent and that agent becomes a dual agent for "in-house" listings. As a dual agent, they can not be an advocate for you! They can not negotiate for you! They can not suggest an offering price. They can not point out potential defects or problems. They can not provide you with information about the seller, such as motivation for selling, price they paid for the home, or how long or how many times the property has been on the market.

Get full client level services at all times for your money! Remember, you are paying the commissions of both agents because these are included in the price you are offering. Traditionally the seller writes the commission checks, but the buyer brings the money to closing to give to the seller that lets the seller write these checks in the first place! Make sure that at least one of the agents is truly working for your best interests!


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